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You're kind of an ass dude. People are asking you how you start train hopping and what not and yea i get it you're looking out for people to not get hurt but they are just asking you for advice. you obviously didnt start out by knowing every thing either. like damn dude. and wasn't this like your first train trip anyways? i know you've been out on trains but dont act like you're king of the traveling kids when you've only traveled once haha.

I have never claimed to be “king of traveling kids” in fact i can easily admit that I have very much to learn. i only traveled for four months so i’d be a fool to claim to know more than a fraction of what there is to learn involving trains and street living.
That being said i stand by my advice to stay the fuck away from trains if you don’t know what you are doing, not only for your own safety but to make it less difficult to travel by train for everyone else in the event that you get hurt or caught.
As always when someone asks my advice i point them to seek the help of other traveling kids while actively participating in the culture other than expecting a play by play of what to do. that is simply not how shit works.
i point them to a great forum of like minded individuals who travel (STP website) which honestly is the most i can do without holding their hand.

If you have any specific questions involving trains or getting by living homeless then feel free to ask and i will do my best to help and if i dont know the answer i will very honestly admit that.
if you send me a very vague question without telling me what it is you are hoping to get insight about, i will give you a very vague answer.

also fuck you.

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i wanna travel around and live on and around the trains n tracks. how do i get in on it?

well if you don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to trains (and it sounds like you don’t) then my advice is to stay the fuck away from trains.
you’ll just hurt yourself and blow shit up for the rest of us.
Try hitchhiking or something first, you’ll meet people who can show you the ropes and teach you things.
if you want to read up on the “basics” then i suggest the site

Painted a bunch of patches today! After giving some of them away, this is what I have left.

Painted a bunch of patches today! After giving some of them away, this is what I have left.


So i spent about 3 weeks in Chicago, i met the friendliest and most amazing people there. An extremely awesome woman even paid for Choochoo’s shots.
I made enough money busking with my uke for two months rent at my friends place in St. Louis, which I’ll be moving into soon.
Taking a long break from traveling for what i think is a good opportunity for me to live with my friends and plant some roots to make it easier for the next time i travel.
The time I spent on the road and on the streets was incredible, best decision i ever made.
Cheers to everyone i met on this journey, and good luck to all the dirty kids still doing their thing

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How does ChooChoo handle the traveling? and how did you get ChooChoo so comfortable with being on your shoulders and traveling?

Choochoo does great with traveling, she did fine on the trains and when hitching in the back of pick ups and all that.
To train a shoulder cat you have to train them from when they are very young and just keep practicing walking long distances with them riding the pack, then try puttin them on just your shoulders and do it every day until it’s natural for them. Harness/leash train them when they are young.
I’ve also trained her to tell me when she needs to pee and to tap my water bottle if she’s feeling thirsty and her water dish isn’t out.
Just a lot of patience and practice


My road dog left for Pennsylvania today. Traveling alone again.
Where are all the dirty kids at in Chicago???